Zentek Scientific


5000 square foot facility securable to SECRET
15" ElectrovertEcconopak 229 Wave soldering machine
Vapor degreaser cleaning system
Aqueous saponifier cleaning system
Alpha Ionograph (cleanliness tester)
BarcoSteamager (solderability testing)
Manncorp Automatic Pick & Place Model # ECM93WL
Binks conformal coating booth
Dynamic wave solder pot
Various static solder pots (Waage)
Hakko and Metcal soldering irons
Technical Devices, Heller, Hepco and Electroprep formers (25 dies)
Unitron ZSB Stereo microscopes (7x - 45x)
Mechanical Inspection Magnifying ring lights (4x)
Ultraviolet inspection station
Blue M oven
House vacuum and dry nitrogen
Cenco vacuum pump and bell jar
ManncorpPreciplacerpick and place
deHaart stencil printer
Kingsley wire stamping machine
bonded stock room
hipot tester
DIMA IR convectionreflow oven
calipers, gauges, torque wrenches, torque screw drivers
Labconco laboratory hood
potting station
20 megohm-cm D.I. water system
Spectrascan facility ground, heel strap and wrist strap checker
ESD benches, chairs, floorprotection and monitoring equipment
wire rack and tool crib
customer/government test room with computer and phone
digital camera with email format
training video equipment
100 gallon shop compressor
receiving inspection station
QA quarantine area
Eubanks 2600 Automatic wire cutter/stripper and despooler
Simco calibration contract